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Wheelie maintenance and modifications

Since I’ve been at this game for decades I have come across all kinds of issues related to equipment which makes things easier for me. Some of the equipment that I’ve implemented or had modified include: Wheelchairs, power and manual Adjustable power beds Home automation (lights, air-conditioning, doors, et cetera) […]

Accessible bathrooms

As I use a waterproof shower wheelchair, I don’t consider a bathroom accessible unless it has a roll-in shower, known as a wet-room in England. The French often call these a “douche Italiene” and the Italians call something like a”doccia filo al pavimento” (shower with a flat floor). A roll-in shower must […]

Accessible accommodation

I have traveled to many countries and stayed in hundreds of places. Since I use an electric wheelchair and a waterproof shower chair I am always on the lookout for good accessible accommodation, especially apartments. I am also very fussy about accessible bathrooms. When I speak of accessible, I generally […]