We are in Fiano Romano, northern outskirts of Roma, in a very cheap hotel when we should be lazing about in a luxury Agriturismo between Vicenza and San Gimigniano, north of Siena. Perché? Because my wheelchair broke. That light clicking noise in the left motor became a grinding rattle. I had to bounce to get moving. The previous day of sublime hill-town hopping had worn the poor thing out, as had the miles of cobblestones in Rome and Florence. Tomorrow the kind people at Pride wheelchairs Italia will replace both motors and send us on our way. Another travel disaster averted in the nick…

A few days later and I’m back on the road. The Roman wheelchair fixers were great, fast, organised and helpful, especially Federica. Both motors were replaced at half the price it would have cost in Australia.

Here is some info about Pride Italy

Pride Mobility Products Italia S.r.l.
Via Del Progresso, ang. Via del Lavoro
(Prato della Corte)
00065 Fiano Romano (RM)
Tel: +39 (0765) 451143
Fax: +39 (0765) 455251
General Manager: Mrs. Federica Pozzi
Web: www.pride-italia.it

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