I bought a hand cycle from the US of A after using one at the Austin Hospital spinal ward. It is made by a mob called “Rand Scott“in Colorado. Pretty expensive, but absolutely brilliant. I bought it from the USA because as usual it was half the price including postage of the Australian outlets. These guys sell them for about $1150US. Even with the bad exchange rate (2017) this would arrive for about $1900AUD (including the table). This is way cheaper than I can find it in Australia. There are a bunch of accessories, including different kinds of grips. These are also a lot cheaper from the US. Make sure you shop around, and watch out for customs duties these days. Oh, and by local if you can convince them to price match.

You can buy it without the table, cheaper, but I think it’s a great design. It is height adjustable with a good range, and obviously designed for a wheelie to get in close. There is a height and depth adjustable chest pad. There is also an electronic gadget (a bit old school) which counts your metrics. I don’t use it much. There is also a really well-designed tension lever at the front. Just push it sideways left or right to make cycling harder or easier. I usually have it on easy and go for the aerobics thing. Or is it anaerobic? I have attached a few photos, including a depressing chart of how long it takes on the hand cycle to work off a Snickers bar.

That’s my cat Lucifer’s treehouse in the background. He loves it.

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