Like many wheelies, I have used slide boards many times to assist transfers between my wheelchair and my bed, car, airport seat et cetera.
I have used many different brands over the years. Here are a few thoughts and some of them.

Romedic Easyglide Transfer Board
Romedic EasyGlide Sliding Board
I like this board because it is super slippery, due to a Teflon coating.  It’s a bit bouncy and can sag in the middle. It comes in a few varieties including a shorter one without folding sides. I have used a longer one to get in and out of the car. You can fold one side back underneath to strengthen it. The raised side ccan protect your bum from the door edges you transfer or out. I don’t like the handles at each end very much, as they can cause your skin to catch.

Pelican Boomerang Slide Board
 Pelican Boomerang Slide Board
This one is quite good. It’s reasonably slippery and pretty strong. Possibly a little bit thick and heavy. The angle works well as you can see.

SallyBoard Curved
Image result for SallyBoard Curved
I like the SallyBoard too. It’s strong and reasonably slippery although nothing like the Easyglide.
It’s quite similar to the boomerang although a bit more compact with tapered sides.

The Slider Board
Image result for The slider board
I never like this one much although lots of people do. It’s not that slippery and I don’t really like the wheel cover thing. You may. It’s also quite bulky.

Deluxe Transfer Board (Wooden)
Image result for deluxe wooden transfer board
There is a vast variety of wooden transfer boards on the market. I used extensively when I was younger and more able. They can be solid wood or ply. Often they have some kind of surface to make them more slippery. They can be a bit heavy. They one of the cheapest options, and better for the environment too.

The Independent living Centre website has a good variety of slide boards on offer.

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