The missing link in my home automation system is automatic blinds.
There is a variety of powered blind products on the market of course, the premier brand probably being Somfy.
A full set for the places I wish to use it would properly cost about $10-$15,000 at 2017 prices.

Another alternative that I’m interested in, in fact waiting for, is “smart glass”. These glass panels can be retrofitted quite easily. Since I have double glazing, the inside panel would be replaced with the smart glass. My preferred option would be opaque white when on, and translucent when off course.

Either system of window automation can be controlled by my slightly ageing Clipsall C-Bus system.
The smart glass is a more elegant option; I should be able to activate/deactivate any panel from a controller such as an iPad (or a wall switch).

I got a quote from an Aussie mob called SwitchGlass who seem pretty good, but it would cost about $25,000 to install seven panels in my master bedroom.
Viridianglass is another smart glass supplier.

This is fast getting more viable, but I’m waiting for the price to drop further.




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