Some links I find useful or amusing. You might too!

As always, even though the site says it is accessible it still best to check unless you’re feeling adventurous. (Accessible)
This is a state government site which has lots of info about disability access.
The search on this site has all sorts of options, such as “wheelchair access”, “location”, reviews and so on.

Lonelyplanet Accessible Melbourne
This was put together by Martin Heng. a wheelie of course; I’ve met him, seems an okay bloke.
It comes as a free PDF that you can download.

This is a new site (2017). If you hover over the little building symbol on the top right and select an option you get a whole lot of filters on the left. Right near the bottom you can select wheelchair access.
Not a lot going on here but it might get better.

Evolution wheelchair accessible caravan
This mob make caravans in Melbourne. It looks a bit tight inside of course but the toilet shower set up looks very good. I used to have a wheelchair accessible campervan in Europe so I know a bit about this.
It might be a bit tricky for a power wheelchair user.I think they’re are about $60,000.

Melbourne rooftop bars
This is a post I’ve put together about a few bars I know of that are accessible.
This site has heaps of information for People with a disability, often in much more depth than I can be bothered with. An excellent effort.
International Wheelchair Accessible Travel Reports & Resources for All Disabled People”

Mad Spaz Club (where all the cool wheelchair people hang out).
This blog has a few tips on random wheelie things, such as “Wheelchair Socks”.
Wheelchair Socks

RehaDesign is a European company with some interesting products and free worldwide postage.
Products include wheelchair gloves, reflectors, lights, backpacks and “wheelchair pets”.
This bloke is a wheelie who has done some fun things like flying a plane. He has a blog describing stuff. He is also a “motivational speaker” for those of you in need of motivation.
He flew to Birdsville in a light plane like me, but unlike Dave, I didn’t pilot it!
I hope he doesn’t mind my using a photo from his website.


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