400 m south of the wharf on Macrossen Street, Le Cher du Monde is yet another apartment hotel in Port Douglas. It was quite nice, and I can’t remember the exact details of the bathroom but I know it was accessible. The room opens out onto the pool area although as usual not directly onto it. I suppose this might be a good thing if you were sleeping and tourists were carousing. It has a kitchen. I remember that it was pretty tight to get around the bed. You couldn’t see the television from the bed which is a bad design, especially for a wheelie, but it’s not so easy for us to jump up and down in the evening.

There are steps at the front of the establishment, so access for wheelies was down a side street, through a funny little door and along a corridor. This is generally locked so a bit difficult access wise.

Altogether it was reasonably pleasant although I think Club Tropical is probably better. Don’t forget to book early.

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