I have been to the Daintree River a few times in my life. Initially this was when I was a bit of a hippie, and before I became a wheelie. In those days I was more likely to sleep up a tree or in a commune then stay in a comfy apartment or hotel.

I also visited about 10 years ago using a manual wheelchair. I don’t have any photos of that event yet (I think they are in a box somewhere, undigitised). In those days I was using a manual chair so we could use an ordinary hire car. It was part of the trip to Cairns and Port Douglas. Daintree River is about 45 minutes north of Port Douglas. This whole area is beautiful and if you’re able to physically get there don’t miss it. I went there when I was younger and a lot more agile which I recommend if you’re a wheelie.

I’m not sure how you would fare in a power wheelchair, but with assistance I had a wonderful time in my manual chair. I did a trip on the river with one of the less commercial outfits. We had an aboriginal ranger/guide to help and she was great. We went downstream to an island, got off and wandered about. I ate some green ants; they tasted like peppery aniseed. She told us, in fact showed us how green ants farm aphids on leaves and collect their milk!

There are quite a few crocodiles about so swimming is not a good idea but is fascinating to see them in their habitat. I have also seen crocodiles in various places in the Northern Territory, such as Gurrig National Park in Kakadu but that’s another post (or two).

If you’re feeling adventurous and you have the time you can drive up to Cooktown. It’s a pretty tough, remote place but interesting. There is a ferry across the Daintree than a rugged road north along the coast through Cape Tribulation. Oh, this all brings back memories of my beloved hippy days. You probably need a four-wheel-drive though.

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