I stayed at Club Tropical years ago (1999?) With a friend and I remember it as charming and upmarket. The photos below are from 2012. My partner and I visited Port Douglas and stayed elsewhere but we dropped in here and took a few photos. It seems to have fallen on hard times a little. It’s in need of a makeover, or at least the wheelie rooms are. Check this though, as it may have been renovated. I believe there are only two accessible rooms. One (possibly a bit larger) does not look over the gardens. The other seems to be the better option. I had a lovely time when I stayed here and it still looks okay although a bit rundown. The lift is small but functional (it’s on the first floor). The bathroom is pretty agricultural as you can see. However there is a kitchenette, and the room opens onto a balcony looking over the gardens. There is a fake waterfall flowing out beneath the balcony and the sound of water is either soothing or annoying I guess, depending on your temperament. I liked it.

The gardens have a fake grotto and a swimming pool. The place is on the corner of the main drag right near the beach. Check on the map, the location is really good.

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