This joint is right in the middle of Sydney, in Market Street. It’s a bit weird, or at least the wheelchair accessible room was. Since this was a few years ago they may have renovated it since so don’t forget to check. The bathroom was huge and had aspirations. Entrance to the shower enclosure was made difficult by a small silver lip. This might not look like much but to my travel wheelchair with it small hard wheels it’s pretty annoying.

The bed was also ludicrously low. You can see from the photo that they came up with some strange previously fabricated contraction which worked after a fashion. Getting a head of the right height is a real hit and miss affair, as is space alongside. We survived, and as I said it’s in the city which is convenient.

Of course I much prefer being done by the water, perhaps the rocks or circular quay. I can’t quite remember why I stayed at this one. Oh, and no kitchen of course.

UPDATE: they say on their website that they are “newly renovated” so hopefully access has improved.

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