We stayed at the “Riverfront” during a visit to the legendary Mona Art Gallery in Hobart. Mona itself has some pretty flash accommodation but it’s expensive and this place is just down the road. It has a motel and a whole lot of cabins. We had a very strange experience here. At about 4 AM a noise woke us. The bedroom door was open and a man in shorts and tee shirt about 3o years old, was standing in the doorway shining a torch on us. After we both ordered him out a number of times he left through the back door muttering about being in the wrong apartment, how he had almost had a shower etc. He seems a little annoyed that we are annoyed.

The next day we asked reception how he came to have a key. They seemed completely disinterested but one of the cleaners told us that it was not uncommon. They claim that because a lot of the apartments are rarely rented, opportunistic, possibly homeless people scam keys somehow and use them for showers and such!
Anyway, the place itself was adequate and we only stayed one night. It is wheelchair accessible, with a roll in shower, and has a kitchenette.

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