MONA, the “Museum of Old and New Art”, is a beautiful adventurous private art gallery 10 km north of Hobart centre along the Derwent River. It is approachable from Hobart by accessible ferry although I did not try this. We stayed overnight at a somewhat dodgy but reasonably cheap accessible motel/villa affair just near Mona called the Riverfront Motel and Villas. There is some fancy accommodation on-site called “Mona pavilions” if you’re feeling wealthy. I think it’s about $900 a night unless you get a discount. It’s also pretty heavily booked, especially around holiday times. Apologies, I have no idea about access for the Pavilions.

Most of Mona is wheelchair accessible, and the place is a lot of fun. It was founded by a flamboyant but somewhat shady millionaire called David Walsh who made most of his money out of gambling. There is also quite expensive restaurant on site which some friends shouted a meal at. The great man in his entourage were at the next table. He has long hair and looks pretty relaxed.

There are no labels of any kind on the walls to identify and explain the art (pretty hip, huh?) But you get a proximity activated gadget that worked pretty well most of the time except when it didn’t.

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