This is an interesting place. A bloke with a bushy beard and his intrepid wife had a daughter with very annoying disabilities (due to thalidomide). They¬†bought Clark Bay farm and built a bunch of wheelchair accessible Nissen hut type cabins. Their daughter was pretty talented, could play trumpet with her feet and swim like a blooming dolphin. There is even a documentary about her floating around somewhere. I stayed there a couple of times, once for no particular reason 15 years ago and once a few years ago for a friends’ wedding. The cabins are spacious and fully accessible, including roll-in showers, high low kitchen benches, accessible balconies, that kind of thing.

It has new owners now and looks pretty good. You definitely need a car as it is a couple of kilometres from town but you get good views over the bay from back there.

There are better photos on their website, although none of the bathroom, which is usually one of the most important things for wheelies.

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