We stayed at this strange hotel in Zürich in 2016. It’s in quite a good location, just across the river from the city and near the university if that’s your thing. It’s quite convoluted to find in a car because of one-way streets. Unfortunately my photos of the accessible room have gone missing but as I recall it was okay. The main problem was that access from is from the rear through the outdoor/indoor restaurant, and there is a noticeable (about 10 cm) step at the door, which is also quite heavy, and locked after hours, although you are given a key. This is only a three star hotel but Zürich is incredibly expensive so it is only Aud$250 per night in high season! As I recall the room was pretty “roomy” and the wheelchair shower was okay. There is quite a steep ramp down from the Hotel Road to the road below, which is one block from the river. There are quite a few restaurants around that area, although expensive and touristy. Cross the bridge and you’re in the city! We stayed here because my partner’s work arranged it. You might find better if you look around.

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