This place is in the middle of Paris, just north of the Louvre. It’s a big old palace with quite a nice garden inside. It’s mostly accessible if you look about for ramps et cetera. There is a lovely Gallerie around the edge with interesting shops. In the front left corner (south-west) is a little square called the Place Collette. On the north side of this square is the legendary theatre La Comédie Française, home of  the great French playwright Molière. Somehow I’ve never been inside but apparently it’s wheelchair accessible. On the eastern edge of the Place Collette is a lovely café called Le Nemours. We stop here often in the afternoon for a cocktail and maybe a cake. Just in the corner to the left of Le Nemours there is a great little shop with a fantastic array of tiny figurines, some hand-painted. This is wheelchair accessible but pretty tight inside.

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