This interesting museum is a grand palazzo which was once the home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister Élisa. She was Princess of Lucca (and Piombino) before she moved to Firenze as Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

The palazzo is in excellent condition with a variety of styes including rococo and baroque. Some of the rooms are quite dark, probably to protect the sensitive artworks.

Access is via a lovely door in Via Galli Tassi. The ticket office is just inside on the left up a few steps. Wheelies can call the ticket person who will organise access. The ramp is through the arched entrance tunnel into a garden and then to the right. There is a smallish lift which challenged my driving skills but was not too bad.

There is on main floor with many beautiful rooms, original beds and even an old wooden bath.
The walls are adorned with some impressive paintings and there are glimpses of the gardens. I gained a spooky sense of what life was like for the Princess and her cohorts.

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