We have stayed at the Green Patch Apartments in Mildura, Australia a few times.
I come from up in this area, the hot dry Mallee 6 hours drive North of Melbourne.

Green Patch is about 2 km West of the town centre. There is  an accessible bus outside but I never tried to use it. It is only a 40 minute walk into town for me. We always have a car too as we visit my relatives scattered about. There is a large supermarket about 300 metres down the road.

Green Patch is on a quiet street. The apartments are pleasant, with a slightly run-down recreation area at the back. I think it has a barbecue. There is no pool.

We always stay in the largest apartment, which is reasonably accessible. There is a bit of gravel about and a 10 cm step at the front door. The owners put a rubber ramp down but you can’t close the door when it is down so it doesn’t work too well. Inside the apartment is huge, with two bedrooms with queen  sized beds. One room is quite dark. The other is has a window, although the blind is dodgy.

The bathroom/toilet area is a bit pokey, with corridors in the old-fashioned way before open-plan design. The shower has a small 1 cm lip but it is not too bad. The water pressure is low, but there seems to be plenty of hot water. It is stable as long as other taps are not used, where it goes cold for a bit. The grab rail on back wall not much use for wheelies as it is behind you when you back into the enclosure.

The main bed is a good height and quite comfy.

The lounge table is large but too low for me to get under. One time the owners put it up on bricks. 

There is a large private back grass area. The owners put an aluminium ramp at the back door which is good.
There is also a nice breakfast nook with a sunny window at the end of the kitchen.

There is WiFi but I can’t recall how good it was. Probably poor, as at most rented accomodation.

The web site is rubbish, and the booking system does not work. You must ring the owners to book, although they are pretty random at answering. Nice people though.


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