This town in the north west of France has a definite Flemish feel. The architecture is marvellous, with an array of diverse, fascinating facades, windey cobbled streets, a grand opera house in the centre and some impressive churches. It also has some notable art galleries and an interesting parkland/carnival precinct with a small Zoo, rides and a fortress called the Citadel with lovely walks. We found the people friendly and helpful. There are some good upmarket shops including a fancy Apple shop, Hugo Boss etc and some nice shoe shops. Restaurants are scattered everywhere, and the city has a “liveable” feel. Wheelie access is quite good as long as you don’t mind a generous cobblestone massage. Many shops have a step, but quite a few have a button for wheelies. I imagine this means they will bring out a portable ramp but I didn’t try it.
The Ibis in the centre claims to have an accessible room and is cheap with a great location. We stayed at the Hôtel de La Treille.
There is also a large shopping complex near the Lille Flanders train station, including a Carre Four department store for your travel needs. I bought a new shaver there.

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