I have sent a number of parcels to Europe, especially to Italy.
This is usually for one of two reasons.

Firstly, when something is broken or lost, usually apart of my wheelchair or a medication.

Secondly when I want something to arrive in advance so I don’t have to carry on about.
For example in 2016 I sent a whole lot of night drainage bags and external catheters to Italy and England before we left.
Since we were travelling to Rome for a week and then Sicily for two weeks before spending three months in Florence, Provence and London I sent these bulky supplies ahead so we wouldn’t have to carry them over on the plane and then lug them around with us. There are lots of couriers who would do this for you.

One time I had some wheelchair footplates shipped using the Italian postal system to Poste Restante Rome. When I went to pick them up the GPO was closed for restoration and they had no idea where the parcel might have gone. They recommended I try all thirty post offices to see if I could find it. After spending four hours at the 1st to no avail I wrote it off as lost and used a different strategy. Of course that was in 2003 so there are many more options available, including couriers and local wheelchair suppliers (depending on the brand of chair you might have).

Lately I have been using Australia Post’s International Parcel service.
This will get your parcel to a largish town in Europe, for example Florence, in just a few days.
I have found them to be very reliable.

I have also used FedEx recently to Italy and been held up for all sorts of silly reasons. Of course anything can happen with any system..

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