There is a Paris cab company which claims to have wheelchair access.
From their website, it looks like this is the case.

The taxis are equipped with access ramps to make it easier for passengers to get into them. Trained, caring drivers ensure that disabled passengers are transported in complete comfort. Website:

Call this number to book: +33 (0) 1 47 39 00 91

My two experiences with Paris cabs were unsuccessful.
The first involved involved booking a cab for Gare de Lyon which turned up with no access and no alternative solution. I walked to the louvre instead at midnight. It was actually a lot of fun, wandering through the red light district and the university precinct.

The second time we booked a cab at Charles de Gaulle airport to take us to the city. When he arrived, in an accessible van, he wanted seventy euros for turning up plus another seventy to take us into town. We caught a bus into the Opera instead instead.

Paris Cabs 2


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