Mercato di San Lorenzo (Mercato Centrale) Florence.

A good indoor/outdoor market in the centre of Florence, next to San Lorenzo Basilica.

The outside market in Via dell’Ariento next to the basilica has lots of leather (bags, coats etc) plus cloth, knick-nacks and souvenirs, T-shirts and such. There are also shops all around, mostly leather. There is a largish kitchen shop in Via dell’Ariento. Some vendors won’t bargain and some will. I got a lovely blue Elk jacket in 2013, listed at €550, for €100, after some serious haggling. I did ruin his business and throw his family into poverty in the process of course, although when I walked past later he waved happily.  

The two storey indoor market is next door.

Downstairs the indoor market is open until 2pm each day (but check this of course.)
It is very good.  
There are veggies, fruit, meat, fish, spices and herbs etc. plus some crafts and such.

Access is via a metal ramp from Via dell’Ariento.

Upstairs (in Summer 2015 at least) there is an Italian style food court. Its a bit touristy for me but worth a look I guess. It was open ’till midnight in 2015. Like many events it is associated with the Milan expo, but they may continue it (it looks quite established.)

Wheelie access is via an external elevator in P. del Mercato Centrale on the other side from the outdoor market.

Firenze Mercato Centrale
Firenze Mercato Centrale

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