My beloved multifocal Rodenstock sunglasses with yellow lenses to make life even happier than it already is broke.
I bought these in 2003 in Germany and they are still going strong aside from the hinge which snapped.
I have driven over them a few times, which didn’t help, but they are incredibly well made.
“You don’t get this kind of quality anymore” said the friendly, patient, efficient Serbian repair guy.
I found a shop or two online which claim they could fix them, but then I found these guys: Migitech Repair Shop Room 301, Level 3, 125 Swanston St. Melbourne 3000.

They repaired them in one day, including completely replacing the spring-loaded hinge for eighty dollars.
Believe me, that’s a bargain for high-quality eye-wear. I also got to visit the inside of the very interesting century building, which turns out to only be interesting from the outside really. That little tower at the top looks like fun though, although I doubt it is wheelchair accessible.
Century Building


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