The Shrubbery Hotel , Ilminster, Somerset Oct 2015

We had relatives here so we stayed for a couple of nights. This Best Western converted Edwardian House has some small charm. The wheelie room is down the back outside. Parking is easy. The room is adequate for a 2-3 star place. Reasonable room beside the bed. Carpeted floor (bad). Inaccessible desk. The bed height is ok but the bed is very hard. The bathroom is fairly poor. The bumpy tiled floor has no drain, the basin is very hard to reach from a chair, and the shower base has a 3cm raised base, and is too small for a roll-in chair to fit comfortably. Basically your usual old-school clueless effort. We got by. Wifi is weak and slow but ok. We had breakfast delivered. Eggs and bacon were OK. The heating is via adjustable heating panels which were activated from reception after we asked.

Apparently the hotel plans to renovate these rooms soon (it’s October 2015) so maybe it will improve into a proper “wet room”, as they call a roll-in shower in Britain.

I notice from their website (2016) that the renovations are complete. I’m not sure how/whether the accessible room has improved. Check with the hotel.

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