Here is a good thing (in theory).
The new Ville Apartments in Parkville, Melbourne (currently under construction) have bathrooms which are more or less accessible without modification for many wheelies. I understand that as designed, they won’t be perfect for everyone, but it would be easy to add a drop-down support arm beside the loo and if need be remove the glass between the loo and the shower to improve access. This should be the future of standard bathroom designs. They are perfectly workable, in fact stylish, for non-wheelies, and yet usable with no or minor modifications for wheelies, shufflers and other non-standard types (like me).
It also looks as if the balcony is wheelchair accessible: can you believe it?

Congratulations to the architects, although from bitter experience I am expecting them to stuff it up.

A bit of further research reveals that these apartments are called “Parkville Gardens“.

They also claim on their website that:

When complete, Parkville Gardens will comprise:

  • approximately 1,000 dwellings, of which 20 per cent will be dedicated to social housing
  • the retention and refurbishment of 11 heritage buildings
  • the creation of wetlands and new parklands
  • wheelchair accessible toilets and showers in most dwellings.

I can see that some of them at least are already completed and up for sale or resale.
I also noticed that these were built “on behalf of the state government”.

Perhaps private enterprise will one day develop a modicum of social justice awareness as well.

Cheers, GDP

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