This little place is in a pretty good spot about 800 m north of the Louvre on the north-west corner of the Jardin du Palais Royal. It’s also 1 km from the big department stores gallery Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann.

It’s reasonably good value as inner-city Paris hotels go. You can probably get it for about €200 a night with breakfast in high season. The accessible room is on the ground floor, right on the corner. It’s a bit noisy and not particularly private if you want to open your blinds. Space is reasonable along the left-hand side of the bed but a bit tight on the window side. I can’t recall whether the bed can be moved or not. The shower is typical old-school, with a small lip and too small for a roll-in wheelchair to fit completely. This means water tends to splash on the main floor of course.

The immediate area is adjacent to an unusual number of Japanese restaurants for some reason. It’s only 300 m from the lovely little Bistro Vivienne and café Le Nemours.

I seem to remember the Wi-Fi connection was a bit weak. Maybe it has improved. At least it’s air-conditioned.

There is a curb step outside the entrance and a small lip on the corner. The footpath is fairly narrow but I used to get up from the corner, squeeze on the footpath and do a turn in the entrance, which has an electric door.

Altogether, it’s a bit poky and the breakfast is pretty average, but the location is good if you want to be on the right bank and close to the Louvre, and the price is okay.

You can book the room online on the hotel’s website by scrolling down to the “reduced mobility room” on the “room” tab. If you contact them by email they might give you a better deal, like throwing in breakfast.

Finally, I remember it fondly as it was one of the first places I stayed in Paris.

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