Over Bed Tables

These are very useful to store stuff day and night.
The table rolls under most beds and sits along side otherwise.
I keep things such as an IPad (with earbuds), my Sleep Apnea Machine, a few pills, TV remotes and a water bottle on it.

Defianz is my favorite brand.
The “over bed table” has very low lockable castors (wheels) so it fits under most beds. It is tiltable and height adjustable and it doesn’t look like hospital property.
Defianz Height and Tilt Adjustable Table
Defianz Height And Tilt Adjustable TableDefianz Height And Tilt Adjustable Table 2
I bought it here, although I can’t guarantee the link is live:

The adjustable stand is a folding over-bed table/tray. This is also sometimes useful.
Defianz Adjustable Stand
Defianz Adjustable Stand 3Defianz Adjustable Stand 2

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