I have been to the Globe a few times, once to look about and twice for shows. Shakespeare, of course. The Globe is a replica a couple of hundred metres from the site of the original(s). It’s official name as Shakespeare’s Globe. You can buy tickets et cetera here. Access is good. The theatre is open to the air so it might not be much fun if it’s raining. There are covered seats around the edge but I’m not sure if any are accessible. As a little bit of a museum inside with a couple of musical instruments. The cheaper tickets in the most fun and authentic in my opinion are down on the ground in the open air. Such punters are called “Groundlings”. If you let them know in advance, the staff will put out a ramp to a raised platform right in front of the stage. Otherwise you could just hang around in the crowd, especially if you have an elevating chair. The actors are pretty engaging, sitting on the stage talking to the audience at some points and so on. Seeing a play here is a great experience and I recommended it. On the same site is the “Sam Wanamaker Playhouse”, a “candlelit indoor theatre” according to their website but I haven’t been there.

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