We have stayed in London many times in many places. We quite like the area around Bloomsbury. It’s half way between King’s Cross station (and St Pancras) and the city centre. The President Hotel is about 3.5 star just around the corner from Russell square. The British Museum is just a few hundred metres south. They put out a metal ramp at the front for me. I think there are a few accessible rooms. You can see from the pictures that the windows at the front zigzag. We have an accessible room which was quite light. I think back then they only had 2 single beds. The bathroom is pretty rudimentary with a stupid gate design. The price is quite reasonable for inner London but I reckon the Travelodge in High Holborn is better value and a bit closer to the city if you’re going for a humble hotel. The LSE in Drury Lane is even better if it’s available (in University holidays).

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