I’ve never stayed at the Hotel Russell although I did enquire about access. I just put the entry in because it’s such a cute old building. It recently changed its name to The Principal London.  It is having a major makeover which will be completed in 2017. A lot of its old, homely character is being replaced by stylish modernity, and I expect the price will increase noticeably.  It’s right by Russell square in Bloomsbury, just a bit north of the British Museum. Wheelchair access is via some roller door contraption around the back. Their website says that they have accessible parking and accessible rooms, or “handicapped” as they put it. Actually from a look on Google street view I reckon they are putting a ramp on the left-hand side as part of the new refurbishment. If the accessible room is at the front, overlooking Russell square, which I very much doubt, it would definitely be worth a look if you have a bit of cash to splash. Let me know if you stay there.

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