Caffetteria e Ristorante San Colombano is a lovely restaurant in Lucca up on the wall just east of the southern gate looking over Lucca Cathedral.

The food was wonderful, fresh and well-cooked. I had tender roast pork after a first of some kind of delicious pie.
It is not bargain food, but very nice with a great atmosphere on a summer night.

There is a cafè area to the left with a timber ramp. Inside the entrance on the right is a steepish concrtiny ete ramp into the interior, which I did not look at.
We  ate in a lovely spot on the corner outside looking over the cathedral at sunset.
The outside restaurant area is on three levels with a step in between the second and third.
Since the upper level, which is accessible, was full, we bumped down to the second level using my portable ramp.
The staff and patrons were kind and friendly.

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