The Ochre trail or “Le Sentier des Ocres” is an interesting walk in the hill town of Roussillon in Provence, France.
It starts at the top of the hill near the cemetery in Roussillon. The trail is, to quote Google, “two marked paths through a colourful zone of red & yellow cliffs in a disused ocher pigment quarry.” The hill is about 100 metres up the hill from the edge of town. There are two wheelie parks up there. The trail is only accessible for about 100 metres before you hit steps but it is still pretty impressive. The path has some steep ramps which challenged my driving skills and courage but I got there and back alone in my Quantum power chair.
There is an accessible loo back down the hill a bit. The tourist shop at the top is accessible too.
There is a good ice-cream shop down the hill if you get hot.

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