Only 20 minutes from Roussillon, this is a pretty hill town (as usual). It’s fairly steep with not too many cobbles, although those at the top are pretty rough. There are a few cute side paths off Rue du Portail Neuf. There is a little path to a lookout but it’s a bit sandy and rocky so good driving is needed for wheelies.

At the top is a café with wine tasting and a shop specialising in all things truffle. The tasting room is down steps but you can try truffle wine in the shop.

The lady there is incredibly smiley all the time, which is a good effort. She seems genuine, although I imagined she glowers on the way home.

We didn’t try any food outlets.

Oh, there is a guy below the inner carpark directing you to the lower pay carpark. If you have wheelie type credentials he will wave you up the hill to the free parking (there is only one wheelie spot though).

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