This market is fun. My partner Jill especially likes it. Some claim it’s the longest market in Europe? Probably Tuscany at least. It certainly the most comprehensive and cheapest that we’ve found in Florence. It runs for about a kilometre along the north of the Arno in the Parco delle Cascini. Since we usually stay in the Oltrarno area, just west of the Palazzo Pitti, we usually make a loop of it by crossing to the north bank near the Ponte Vecchio, wandering/biking along to the market, then crossing back over to the south bank at the Ponte alla Vittoria. We then stock up with our supermarket goodies at the Esselunga in Via Pisana and wander home, with me covered in bags (I’m the family packhorse of course). If you’re there over the summer months it can get extremely hot so don’t forget to take some water, sunscreen and a hat. Otherwise you might find yourself spending most of your time under the occasional awning that has room and shade. Lots of variety here, from all kinds of clothes (cheap but not fashionable) to kitchen tools, flowers, children’s toys and so on. The delicious looking (to me) roast suckling pigs might scare the vegans though.

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