We stopped in at Beaune for the night on the way from Paris to Provence in 2014. It’s just off the motorway (the A6). It is quite a lovely old town, and the centre of the Burgundy wine region. We stayed a curious hotel called The Hotel Au Grand Saint Jean, just outside the old city walls but a three minute walk from the middle of town. There was quite a spacious accessible room.  I think it was on the first floor. There is of course a lift. The only strange thing was that there was no kettle and the lady gave us a bit of a lecture about their illegality in France. Oh, there was also a kind of curfew at about 11 PM or so. It was still possible to get in through the front door but slightly more complicated around the side for the wheelchair access. No big deal, just make sure you organise it with the manager. They had parking as well, which was good.

As for Beaune, we wandered about a bit and had a pleasant evening.  The Hôtel-Dieu Museum is apparently a must see but we didn’t check it out so I’m not sure about access.

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