BIG4 Mildura Getaway Holiday Park 2017

I head up to Mildura occasionally to visit the relo’s. This time I stayed at the BIG4 Mildura Getaway Holiday Park. It’s a couple of kilometres out of town but a pleasant enough walk in. There is also an accessible bus and accessible cabs. There are 3 or 4 accessible cabins available. You can book on, and possibly get their good cancellation policy but you have better choice on their website. They take one day upfront, reimbursable to 7 days before the booking. I think it’s 30 days in high seasons. The cabins look pretty good and quite good value. You can see details on the website, including photos and floor plans of the accessible Cabins.

Hopefully I will get back some more info when I actually stay there in a couple of weeks time.


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